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(#551) Mitzi R (Eros, LA)
9/26/2013 in Myrtle Beach, SC  EVENT: 42nd Fellowship By The Sea  TYPE: AA, Female, Story

The Thursday night kickoff speaker, from her earliest memory she always wanted more. It first manifested with food until at 15 she had surgery to curb that problem. Then she started getting attention that she never had. At 16 she moved across the street with a guy she could not live without. Her first chance to drink was alcoholic and lost her sobriety and "other things" that night. She had been a caregiver to her dad who died when she was 18. The program helped her deal with the guilt over her relief at her father's death. She drank whenever she could moving from relationship to relationship. She came into AA through Al-anon which taught her first that everything was going to be OK. She got active in Al-anon but began to identify with alcoholics at AA meetings. Her sponsor hooked her up with her current AA husband in 2000. She became miserable because of her expectations. She began to romance a drink to make her feel better. She realized she was alcoholic and entered AA.

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