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(#1422) Mitchell S (Tulsa, OK)
May 1999 in Laughlin, NV  EVENT: Tri-State Convention  TYPE: AA, Male, Story

Sober 15 years since 9/15/1984 shortly after he had moved back home, Mitchell came into AA when his dad was 13 years sober in the Program and his mother was a "black-belt Al-Anon".

A past Delegate from Oklahoma, Mitchell shares a great story about returning to college - twice.

While drinking in college he would sign-up for classes and never go.

When he got sober, he applied back to the same college and they made a near miraculous exception for him but put him on very strict academic probation for a year. He was to become a leader in the school in his field of choice.

Later he got mad at a boss and applied to graduate school, in spite, even though he could not afford the tuition.

He took the tests and scored so high they gave him a scholarship.

"I got a masters degree by accident!"

Funny and Powerful - Enjoy!

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