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(#1706) Millie C (Kill Devil Hills, NC)
2/27/1987 in Ripley, WV  EVENT: Cedar Lakes RoOundup  TYPE: AA, Female, Story

Sober many years, from a family of 12 children in Norfolk, VA, she was the only drunk in the family and she was a "two fisted" drinker.

Her father was a tug boat pilot and she was daddy's girl often helping him on the boat.

Starting at 15, every time she drank she got drunk.

She met and fell in love at 18 with the love of her life, Isaac, but her father prevented the romance because he was from the wrong side of the tracks and Jewish. Instead she met and married a sailor with a new car all on one night.

She moved to Washington, DC and discovered drinking in bars.

Her father disowned her and cut her off from the rest of the family. Millie used it as a way to drink more.

She reconnected with Isaac and they both came into AA, he first and then Millie - she with flaming red hair, 5'4" and 230 pounds, black satin dress and a long stem cigarette holder. An Al-Anon said she looked like a "train coming into the station". At first she came as a non-alcoholic to support Isaac.

Later she embraced the Program with both fists, getting active in service and protecting the women she sponsored.

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