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(#1892) Mickey W (Marietta, GA)
7/15/2004 in Atlanta, GA  EVENT: 29th Atlanta Roundup  TYPE: AA, Female, Story

Sober 29 years since Sept 1974, Mickey is Irish, raised in Rhode Island, a lively, funny speaker. Her father was a very famous football and baseball star and successful college basketball coach. Her mother was very well known, as well.

Mickey broke her neck in a swimming accident and was put on Darvon.

She went to college and got married in Rhode Island. Her husband never gave her ANY money - which got bizarre for an alcoholic.

He was not home very much. A psychiatrist prescribed her valium. Along with the Darvon and the wine it got interesting.

She had two kids and lost a third. They moved to New Jersey and Houston.

She decided to write to Dear Abbey in a very elaborate manner. Abbey wrote back, "You need help."

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