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(#840) Michael E-Step 4-FS (Evans, GA)
12/5/2009 in Pine Mountain, GA  EVENT: 1st Woodstock South  TYPE: AA, Female, Workshop, Steps, Story

Step 4: Fear & Sex

Michael lived a hard childhood often living in the car as her single mother did what she needed to do to get by and get high. Michael did not drink til after she left home. She had a religious experience but managed to steal from the church and sleep with the minister.

Powerful, heart-felt, deep and often very funny, Michael is a favorite speaker for many of the women in the program who identify with her strangely insane behavior before and after sobriety.

Michael is very involved in service. She and her husband open their home to a Big Book Study on Wednesdays that is frequented by soldiers in recovery from the nearby base.

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