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PPG Group Workshop 2015
Total time across all 5 files is 2.5 hours.
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PPG Legacy Group Workshop - April 2015

Home Group to Home - Our Principles Bring Out The Best in Us!

Saturday, April 18   11:00 am – 5:00 pm   Woodstock Christian Church


Dick A (AA) and wife Barbara A (Al-anon) of Lithia Springs, GA
Michael E - female alcoholic - Evans, GA

Chair: Megan B, PPG Legacy - Woodstock and Cartersville, GA


(#684) Michael E (Evans, GA)
4/18/2015 in Woodstock, GA  EVENT: PPG Group Workshop 2015  TYPE: AA, Female, Workshop

PHASE 3: Emotional Sobriety

Michael got sober in Long Beach, CA 22 years ago. Her sponsor Polly P, has worked with her to develop a workshop on Emotional Sobriety. Michael goes through a series of defects and solutions that is part reading from the workshop script sewn together nicely with personal stories and even some disagreement with the solution as described in the script.

She relates from the heart tragedies in her life and her family's and how she came to terms with the God of her understanding.

(1 hr 17 min) (26.7 MB) (id#684)