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(#245) Maxine T (Atlanta, GA)
11/8/2003 in Tucker, GA  EVENT: 28th Clarkston 12-Step Group Anniversary  TYPE: AA, Female, Story

A real, lively southern lady and Georgia Tech Professor, Maxine got sober May 6, 1979. She was an only child from a long line of alcoholics. She tells many delightful stories about her extended family. Her "reality application" was on a slippery slope when her doctor put her on Thorazine to help her while writing her dissertation. She kept getting better, building her life up and then tearing it down. She had ten-year and so was able to keep her teaching position but that was about all. Then she came in to AA. Her story from there is largely about her struggles with her pistol toting Alzheimer mother and her mothers delusional relatives. AA carried her through many strange and trying times.
(55 min) (19.1 MB) (id#245)