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(#1070) Maryon M (Charlotte, NC)
10/27/1963 in Atlanta, GA  EVENT: 10th Georgia State Convention  TYPE: AA, Female, Story, Historical

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Sober four years since 1959, Maryon reached a point where she held a loaded gun on her sister accusing her of stealing the love of her oldest daughter. Like Norm A. used to say, "Seconds and inches."

First introduced to AA in 1955. She did not take the opportunity until 1959.

Before her first drink, she knew that anyone of her family that picked up alcohol had trouble with it. She taught Sunday school and felt she was chosen for a medical mission role going to school at Bob Jones. She was searching, full of anxiety, fear and judgment of different religions. She grew to want no part of the hypocrites she found in that religion.

She got a job as a telephone operator, got married to the man she is still married to. She still had not drank. At 21 years old on Christmas she took her first drink (white corn whiskey) tired and mad. She told herself she was different from her family. There was nothing social about her drinking from that point forward unless she had to put on a front.

She found complete escape from herself and a God she didn't want to face. Her progression into alcoholism was fast.

She got a responsible job as a leader protected by loyal employees who covered for her. Her three children began to not want to be touched by her. She reached the point where she robbed from the petty cash at the office and drank lemon extract and rubbing alcohol.

She had to come to AA to find peace and the answers.

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