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(#979) Mary Alice A (Atlanta, GA)
Oct 1991 in Hendersonville, NC  EVENT: Serenity in the Smokies  TYPE: AA, Female, Story

Mary Alice is a registered nurse, dope shooter and alcoholic. She was not in much trouble until she could walk. She grew up very average like Leave It To Beaver in New Orleans. She never wanted to be average.

They kept building fences up around her and she kept tearing them down. She learned to drink in New Orleans. Her parents taught her to drink at home.

She went to school, got her degree and started working in Atlanta. Her drinking and using got out of hand.

It got so bad, she hid at home for three days and prayed to God for help. Three days later she had an overdose seizure at work. The hospital called the narcotics agents. They referred her to Talbot, a treatment center for doctors in Atlanta. In court she pleaded it was her alcoholism that made her steal and was sentenced to AA.

At two years sober she got a job with Darden, a treatment facility in Atlanta. She relates how the Program has helped her through many trials in sobriety: the death of her husband, selling her house and stuff, becoming a traveling nurse.

At the time of this talk she was preparing to relocate to Tampa.

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