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(#120) Mary Thayer S. (Espanola, NM)
8/29/1992 in Joplin, MO  EVENT: 5th Summer Hummer  TYPE: AA, Female, Story

One of the best all around talks in the collection, Mary is naturally funny in a soft way. Speaks from the heart. Spends most of the talk covering what happened after she got sober. Raised to be "proper" in Marblehead, MA, sobered up in California and in a few weeks after this moved back to Maine. Raised by nursemaids. Alcoholism was part of the family - dad "quacked" alot. Raised around money. Sent away to school at 12 and her alcoholism started. Later as a mother, reached a point where she cried herself to work and cried herself home. Left her daughter overnight with a neighbor so she could drink. The neighbor broke her anonymity and introduced her to AA at Winnetca, CA.

(1 hr 18 min) (17.9 MB) (id#120)