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(#119) Mary M (Houston, TX)
1/28/2000 in Corpus Christi, TX  EVENT: 46th Coastal Bend Jamboree  TYPE: AA, Female, Story

Funny talk. One of the real characters in AA. Known in Texas as Shotgun Mary, her family had to hide ammunition from her to protect themselves when she got drunk. She started stashing bullets as well as bottles. She is a page 21 alcoholic. When she drank she was a lady up to a "pint". Sponsored by Willie B. of Spring, TX. Took last drink at 47. Greatest gift of sobriety is to give it away. Loves to sponsor women but they are coming in so young now days.

Who can understand the awesomeness of God? She once read a quote from Blaise Pascal, "Console thyself. If you had not found me, you would not seek me."

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