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(#507) Mary D (Marietta, GA)
4/5/2014 in Woodstock, GA  EVENT: Breakfast Club Monthly Speaker  TYPE: AA, Female, Story

This is a really powerful story. Sober since 5/26/2008 (5 years) and turning 60 this year, sexually abused as a child, Mary went from that to rock singer, to corporate public speaker, raped at the office, to mental institutions to homeless to her recent spiritual awakening through the steps of AA. I witnessed her awakening and rebirth over the last five years. In the words of the old hymn:

It is no secret what God can do.
What He's done for others, He'll do for you.
With arms wide open, He'll pardon you.
It is no secret what God can do.

Mary's story appeared in the Grapevine for the month when this talk was shared.

(52 min) (18.2 MB) (id#507)