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(#382) Mary Anne D (Beaver Falls, PA)
7/3/1998 in Columbus, OH  EVENT: 1st July Jubilee  TYPE: AA, Female, Story

Sober since June 22nd 1976, she describes herself as your little firecracker for tonight. She is just a little spoke on the wheel of AA. When we keep it down to this one day thing, we can keep this thing. She picked up her first drink at 16. She came in through rehab at 17 1/2 fully qualified. It took 10 years in AA before she heard the "pop". Her dad ran away from the family before she started drinking. Her mom had to move them from a nice neighborhood to the projects. She had a serious brain illness in her early teens - including an out of body experience. She spends much of her talk discussing life and how the program helped her face life in sobriety.

(53 min) (12.4 MB) (id#382)