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(#212) Marty M (New York, NY)
Aug 1965 in Little Rock, AR  EVENT: Arkansas State Convention  TYPE: AA, Female, Story, Historical

According to, "Marty was the first woman to enter A.A. and gain long-term sobriety. But she had several slips, and thus other women were able at one time to claim longer uninterrupted sobriety." Silvia K, author of Keys to the Kingdom came in shortly afterwards in Chicago on September 13, 1939 and reportedly never drank again.

Marty was the author of the story Women Suffer Too! which has been in all four additions of the Big Book. In this talk, that I cannot find anywhere else on the web, she speaks in depth about her experience with accepting the full implications of Step 3. The two other talks I have of her were in San Francisco in 1946, before the Traditions were well known and in Jacksonville FL 1960. This recording was taken from the copy of a tape but the quality is still fairly good.

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