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(#2758) Martha Ann C (Virginia Beach, VA)
2/6/1988 in San Francisco, CA  EVENT: AFG Luncheon  TYPE: Al-Anon, Female, Story

Delightful and insightful.

Some 17 years in Al-Anon, the youngest of three from a very loving family, Mary Ann has a marvelous Virginia accent and strong style of delivery.

Her Prince Charming was a hard riding, tobacco chewing 6th Calvary Man who she did not see drink until after they were married.

"I tried to reason with him, which is just another word for nagging."

"We didn't know it, but we suffered from the same disease which was alcoholism. He suffered from the effects of drinking it and I suffered from the effects of reacting to it."

"Anxiety is the price we pay for playing God."

The stories and messages at the end of this talk are especially Powerful lessons of family recovery.

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