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(#231) Mark N (Ashland, VA)
3/16-18/2012 in Southern Pines, NC  EVENT: Freedom From Bondage XXIV  TYPE: AA, Male, Story

Funny talk. Mark got sober 12/27/1994. Mark used to live in Southern Pines.

Got sober in Dunn, NC. Early thought the world was an unnerving place and he was looking for a solution.

Identifies with Bill W's need to be number one. Alcohol gave him his solution at first. He did crazy things at first but without consequences.

Had a high GPA in Junior College (cheated frequently) Graduated medical school in Seattle. Lived on and off women.

Drinking was a way of life. Became ananesthesiologist. He was the best patient he ever had.

His profession gave him the option to either drink or practice medicine. He went to treatment and tried to drink in there.

He finally surrendered. He had to be honest about everything and learn to have meaningful relationships.

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