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(#567) Mark McK (Arlington, VA)
in Columbia, SC  EVENT: 50th A.C. State AA Conference  TYPE: AA, Male, Story

Sober since 2/8/1977 when his life got so bad he had to call AA. He grew up in a small town in SW Ohio called Hamilton - 1st born of five in an alcoholic quarreling home. At age 4 or 5 he figured out that it was all his fault. His mother was very angry.

His drinking became grim rather than entertaining until he got to the point where he said, "I deserve better than this." He decided to call AA. All he wanted was information and the person of AA thought what he really needed was to go to a meeting. He had lots of excuses not to come. He made it in anyway and never drank again.

Funny and insightful.

(57 min) (19.7 MB) (id#567)