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(#4320) Mark G (Woodstock, GA)
12/15/2022 in Holly Springs, GA  EVENT: Holly Springs Group Thursday Speaker  TYPE: AA, Male, Story

Sober 7 months since 5/11/2022, Mark developed a tolerance for alcohol in the '70's very, very young.

By April 1986, he knew he was an alcoholic, went to detox and met a man named Sam G, who knew what it felt like and how to share it.

He stayed sober for over 8 years, got married in 1988, and had a lot of great mentors. Then, he started backing away from AA and relapsed on a cruise.

Since then, he has had varying amounts of sobriety over the next 36 years.

After several near-death experiences, in May of 2022, his wife gave him an ultimatum and the next day called for an ambulance.

He went to detox and then as an inpatient at a Christian based treatment center, he was able to uncover deep seated underlying issues and finally get truly honest with another man.

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