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(#1518) Marilyn S (Los Angeles, CA)
11/2-4/2012 in Painesville, OH  EVENT: Sunlight of the Spirit 2012  TYPE: AA, Female, Story

Sober 40 years since 2/8/1972, a lover of science, Marilyn was raised in Ohio, "So this is a bit of a home coming for me."

Her dad was in a coma for 12 years from the time she was 10. Her mother raised she and her sister.

Marilyn studied science in Chicago. She interviewed for a job with a real scientist.

"I want to grab and fondle his slide rule. Needless to say I got that job."

She married the scientist, the son of a Lutheran minister.

They moved to California in the 60's yet everywhere she went it was never the perfect gift she was looking for but did not know what that was.

She had a sense of entitlement. Drinking took on a greater part of her life.

She quit her job at the lab and started having children.

She came to her first meeting in 1969, came in and out before it finally stuck.

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