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(#2759) Marie S (Los Angeles, CA)
10/18/1987 in Stockton, CA  EVENT: Northern California Conference of AA (NCCAA)  TYPE: AA, Female, Story

Sober 15 years since 1972, 38 years old at the time of this talk, Marie first came to AA at 18 coming in and out for 5 years.

Sponsored by Alabam C, a great AA speaker.

The Sunday morning speaker, Marie lived in Stockton 2 years sober at age 25 and left a changed person.

She shares how AA has broken into groups of like people where before we were all thrown in together - all types from all walks of life.

Born in GA, she grew up in OK but wound up selling her soul on the streets of Los Angeles.

(1 hr 11 min) (16.3 MB) (id#2759)