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(#689) Marian F (Superior, WI)
1974 in Peoria, IL  EVENT: Illinois State Convention  TYPE: AA, Female, Story, Historical

Sober 24 years since 4/4/1950, when she came in she knew lots of things that were not true. She would probably have done many of the things she did whether she drank or not because her life was unmanageable. Today she is OK with God and she is OK with you with not even a tissue paper barrier between.

As a child she was full of love for other people until 5 1/2 when her baby brother was born ill. There was no room for her. She felt thrown away and hated her brother. Life became difficult. Her family moved from Cleveland, OH to Portland, OR. At 17 her parents went bankrupt, divorced and she moved back East with her mother. Inwardly angry, she started drinking to get approval from others. Unresolved discontent based on anger was the driving force of her alcoholism.

So how she feels about others is terribly important for her sobriety. A great talk that is both insightful and heart felt.

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