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(#881) Mari G-Steps 4-5 (Toronto, ON)
12/6/2014 in Buford, GA  EVENT: 6th Woodstock of the South  TYPE: AA, Female, Workshop, Steps

Steps 4 & 5

Sober 30 years since 8/10/1984, Mari is sponsored by Clancy I. of Venice, CA. She says, "How can I, who has lived an immoral life, all my life, make a searching and fearless moral inventory of myself? That was the great dilemna for me." She outlines the change of thinking and outlook that goes into these steps without getting into the details of how to physically write the 4th step.

Mari is a favorite speaker of many AA members.

She also spoke at the Friday night Big Meeting at the 2010 International in San Antonio, TX.

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