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(#2452) Mari G - Steps 4 - 5 (Toronto, ON)
6/3/2017 in Atlanta, GA  EVENT: Girlstock 2017  TYPE: AA, Female, Steps

STEPS 4 - 5

Sober 32 years since 8/10/1984, she started drinking at age 25 in 1965, living in a nice house in Jamaica with two kids.

By 1980 she was living on the streets doing whatever it took to get a drink.

She reports that William James met Carl Jung in New York in 1906.

Both played an indirect part in the founding of AA.

James told Jung that, at times, people have these huge emotional shifts that change their whole being.

Mari describes her gift of shift and how it came about.

(59 min) (10.2 MB) (id#2452)