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(#2102) Marcia W (Duluth, GA)
10/25/1997 in Rock Eagle, GA  EVENT: 17th Women's Recovery Workshop (WRW)  TYPE: AA, Female, Story

The Magic and Power of the Steps

Sober 16 years since 6/30/1981, Marcia is a well loved and respected member of AA in the area with a delightful gift of gab.

She is passionate about the Steps and is very knowledgeable about the literature and home different parts connect the whole.

The Women's Recovery Workshop is held twice a year in April and October at a 4-H Retreat Center near Eatonton, GA.

It mirrors in many ways the Atlanta Men's Workshop, held at the same facility in March and October.

(1 hr 17 min) (17.6 MB) (id#2102)