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(#2752) Marce W (Whitney, TX)
Feb 1985 in Vancouver, BC  EVENT: North Shore Roundup  TYPE: Al-Anon, Female, Story


Fantastic Al-Anon talk.

Over 30 years in Al-Anon even before it was Al-Anon. Past Delegate.

Her father needed AA before there was AA and her mother needed Al-Anon before there was Al-Anon.

Married Bob, an alcoholic, who she left after 15 years. How she took him back is a great story.

Great share in the end about her daughter's death from cancer.

Her father finally came into AA at age 73 after 8 years of Marce being in the Program. He got better but started drinking after a year sober and was dead within two weeks.

She shares on this idea:

"It is our birthright to be Blessed. But we go out and look for the blessings in all the wrong places."

When her father was recovering, she said, "You're not sorry Daddy, you're sick."

"If your parents did not give you the blessing it is not because they would not, but that they could not.".

Her husband and other qualifier, Bob, died in March of 1984.

There was healing to their relationships as they exchanged the Blessing as they had never done before.

She is truly abiout, "keeping my head in the clouds and my feet on the ground."

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