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(#1769) Marce W (Lake Whitney, TX)
7/4/1987 in Nashville, TN  EVENT: 6th Music City Roundup  TYPE: Al-Anon, Female, Story

Her husband got sober in 1954 before Al-Anon was in Texas. Marce says she has been in Al-Anon a long time "... cause some are sicker than others."

"I always thought that if I could be free then I would be happy but, you know, the Al-Anon Program has taught me how to be's an inside job and it doesn't matter that much what 'they' say or 'they' do, it's all inside. And when we have the ability to have some answers in this program, then we're not in bondage anymore. I found, for me, that I was dependent as long as I didn't have answers."

Her dad was alcoholic and to be free of that she married an alcoholic and then she wanted to be free of him.

She thought her husband was on the fence of being an alcoholic. Al-Anon taught her he had been an alcoholic for 15 years.

AA made a 12 Step call on her for which she is forever grateful.

She left him and he went back to his parents where some men from Midland, TX made a 700 mile 12th Step call on Bob. He never drank again.

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