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(#2092) Luther B (San Francisco, CA)
1/14/2018 in Rock Eagle, GA  EVENT: 21st Heavy Hitters Retreat  TYPE: CA, Male, Story

Clean and sober 26 years since 2/9/1990, Luther was the Cocaine Anonymous (CA) speaker who fully qualifies as an alcoholic.

His father was an alcoholic and his mother went to Al-Anon in the 1950's as a result.

Luther was a member of the gang called The Mighty Midgets. He went to high school and drank and used with the founder of The Grateful Dead whose nickname was Pig-Pen.

Drug dealing and collecting got him in trouble.

Luther was one of the few convicted murderers at San Quentin that had their conviction overturned by the California Appeals Court.

He is a Marine Vietnam veteran helicopter crew member who several years ago went into a PTSD related paranoid depression.

He was brought out of it through the love of his fellow members in recovery.

Years ago he left a good job to start a large treatment facility called "Free At Last" in Palo Alto, CA.

He was the CA Speaker at a retreat that features an AA, NA and CA speaker Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

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