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(#831) Lorna K (New York, NY)
11/2-4/2012 in Painesville, OH  EVENT: Sunlight of the Spirit  TYPE: AA, Female, Story

Speaking at a women's retreat, Lorna is sober 36 years since 1976 . Born in England, she has lived in New York City for many years working for a major auction house. She relates being there when Lois's copy of the annotated manuscript of the Big Book was auctioned for over $2 million.

Great sense of humor, she spent many years as a close friend of Mother Teresa. Lorna came in to AA like a plane landing with no landing gear.

NOTE: Lorna is the author of two memoirs including, The Camel Knows the Way and In the Footsteps of the Camel. Look for her on TED by searching for the book titles. I will not put a link here in an attempt at some level of anonymity.

Lorna died 40 years sober June 15, 2016 of a stroke.

Lorna K in her profession as autioneer

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