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(#1638) Lorna K - ESH (New York, NY)
3/20/2010 in Marietta, GA  EVENT: 20th Marietta Roundup  TYPE: AA, Female, Story


Sober over 33 years since 1976, Lorna said she came into the Program like a plane landing on its belly with luggage and debris all over the runway.

Born and reared in England, she moved to New York and took a temporary job with an auction house that later became one of the major firms and her a talented auctioneer.

But her bazar drinking behavior did not fit well with her desired image.

She joined AA and a few years later left her career, befriended and assisted Mother Teresa in what was then Calcutta India.

She also got to be there when Mother Teresa died.

Funny and powerful.

She did a guided meditation early that same day:

Lorna K Meditation at Marietta, GA 2010

Lorna died 40 years sober June 15, 2016 of a stroke.

Lorna K in her profession as autioneer

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