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(#2821) Lori G (Oklahoma City, LA)
11/13/2021 in Alexandria, LA  EVENT: Sobermania 2021  TYPE: Al-Anon, Female, Story

In Al-Anon for 30 years since 7/1/2001, Lori has a sister who was in AA trying to lure her husband in until she realized she was really a classic Al-Anon. Their other sister probably needs recovery, and their brother died an alcoholic death just over two years ago.

After a very rocky relationship, Lori's husband Clif got sober a month after Lori found her Program and a day after she became OK whether or not she had the man-slot filled beside her.

Active in and passionate about recovery, Lori has never done a drug or taken a drink her entire life.

"I know today that that was all about control".

Her motto before recovery might read, Always right, Look good. Rationalize - Never apologize.

And be helpful, to which a member commented,

"Helpfulness is the sunny side of control."

Clif G at Sobermania 2021

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