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(#1539) Lloyd G (Spartanburg, SC)
1/22/1972 in Macon, GA  EVENT: Georgia State Service Assembly Sat Night Speaker  TYPE: AA, Male, Story


Lloyd was the newly appointed delegate for South Carolina. He says Area16 was at the top of the list according to GSO.

He did not start drinking until his 30s. He came from a broken, non-church going family.

He became a Sunday school teacher and met his wife there.

Lloyd started drinking socially with men who could help his career but quickly got out of control.

He was introduced to AA via a man who worked with him that had lost a job with the railroad but now had four months sober.

Lloyd felt at home at once but slipped and stayed away out of guilt.

An old timer loved him back into AA explaining one day at time as:

You cannot move a telephone pole across a street on your own unless you cut it into small chunks first.

From Reel R00-0070-S1-M1-T1 of the GSSA Archives

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