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(#156) Lizz H (New York, NY)
4/22/2011 in Vancouver, BC  EVENT: 40th Vancouver Northshore Roundup  TYPE: AA, Female, Story

Got sober 1n 1995 at 16 years old fully qualified having drank alcoholically since the age of 9. Born and raised in California to a well to do but emotionally troubled family, Lizz terrorized her siblings, stole, lied and cheated to get what she wanted. Sentenced to a recovery center in rural Montana, she had to make a decision to go ahead with recovery or spend two years in Juvenile Detention. She chose recovery. She came in with remedial reading skills at best. Sponsor taught her to read. Finished treatment, returned to CA and completed her GED. Went to college in Oregon against her parents wishes. Had trouble finding AA there but did and got active. Moved to Portland, OR and hooked up with ICYPAA and the bid committee. Took her meager savings and moved to Russia and fell in love with the country. Found a meeting claiming to be AA but with no book, steps or traditions. Went to Moscow GSO, purchased literature, brought it back and started the first true AA meeting in the area. It is still going. Ran out of money, returned to Oregon. Portland had won the ICYPAA International bid. Became the program chair. Applied for and was accepted to a position with AA GSO in New York involved in Young People's literature development and promotion. Got a job serving coffee and worked her way up to General Manager of a company opening Cafes all over the USA. Shares wonderful stories of AA and Al-Anon healing her family.

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