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(#2089) Lisa K (Norman, OK)
10/13-16/1983 in Myrtle Beach, SC  EVENT: 12th Fellowship by the Sea  TYPE: AA, Female, Story

Clean and sober 5 years since 9/7/1977, Lisa had her last drink at age 16.

She always thought there was nothing right about this world. Suicide was always an option. She never knew how to act.

She got different answers from each parent that were contradictory and when she acted out, she got yelled at until she yelled back or walked out.

Then her parents found Al-Anon and started following those suggestions and everything changed.

She could no longer blame her behavior on her parents. Jail and Treatment Center trips followed.

Finally in AA she heard the message that turned it all around:

"I wasn't important enough for me to stay sober for...but when you told me, that if I stayed sober and I made myself an example and I made myself a good life, that somebody else could share in that good life, too, as a result of the help that I gave them. That just set me on fire!"

She does not have a long time in the Program but Jay, who booked the speakers for this event for many years, was noted for his excellent ear for a message that needed to be heard.

Hope you enjoy this young, lively member sharing her experience, strength and hope.

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