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(#1985) Lisa C (Marietta, GA)
9/27/2017 in Canton, GA  EVENT: Stepping Stones Meeting  TYPE: AA, Female, Story

Sober 26 years since 3/7/1991 at age 21, she came in as a hard core agnostic.

Now she considers her relationship with God as her greatest of many gifts.

She started drinking and doing other substances at age 13.

She was a "cocktail waitress" drunk with few black outs - more "brown-outs".

She did not take all the suggestions in early recovery.

For instance: the ups and downs at one and a half years sober, after "boy meets girl on AA campus", she found herself sober, single, pregnant and in school.

She did not marry until four years sober and "that was a hot mess".

"Everything that I wanted out of that marriage I got the exact opposite."

(53 min) (9.2 MB) (id#1985)