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(#2631) Linda McF (New York, NY)
9/20/1986 in Fresno, CA  EVENT: California State Al-Anon Convention  TYPE: Al-Anon, Female, Story

Linda was a Staff Writer for 11 years at Al-Anon WSO and worked on a number of Al-Anon's Conference Approved Literature Publications. She was at the time of this event, Literature Secretary for the Al-Anon World Services Office.

The wife of a Marine pilot, her behavior around his drinking qualified her for the Program.

She converted to Catholicism for some interesting reasons and became the crazy mother of seven.

She had a habit of driving off and forgetting that they were not all in the car.

Delightful story full of insights and humor.

(1 hr 30 min) (15.5 MB) (id#2631)