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(#796) Lillie H (South Portland, ME)
10/17/2015 in Columbus, GA  EVENT: 62nd Georgia State Convention  TYPE: AA, Female, Story

Sober 25 years since 11/8/1989, Lillie did not come from a dysfunctional family. She was raised and still is a good catholic. Her first drink was at age 19 at her wedding reception. Later that day she was taking her dress off on the front lawn. The marriage was rocky and violent and ended in divorce. She went to college and got good at drinking.

Toward the end her house was a disaster - every window broken, no carpet left, dirty laundry and dishes. She dyed her hair purple the day before her last drink. She had fixed up a 15' van so she could sleep in it and not drive drunk. She asked God for a sign and He gave her a heart attack while driving a van full of school kids.

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