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Lila R - Tulsa 1998
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In her delightful Irish accent, Lila leads us on a journey through the Steps with a focus on the content in the book known among AAs as "The Twelve and Twelve".

Lila had done this workshop two years earlier in Tulsa which is also in the WeJoy collection but not available online. I chose to upload only the most current version.

She has been with a group in Santa Monica, CA that, for ten years, has focused on a Step per month which gives her many years of observation and repetition which she shares in a masterful way.

This is a real treasure.


(#2144) Lila R (Santa Monica, CA)
April 1998 in Tulsa, OK  EVENT: Steps Workshop  TYPE: AA, Female, Steps

How the Steps are studied at her meeting in Santa Monica, CA then

Step 1 through Step 3 (p.40 in the 12x12)

(1 hr 19 min) (18.3 MB) (id#2144)