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Les W-Steps
Total time across all 4 files is 3.5 hours.
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Lake Street Step Study

Sober 25 years since 8/20/1977 at the time of this series of 4 talks, Les covers the 12 Steps from his experience. It took lots of convincing to realize he was powerless both before and after he got sober. A very active member of AA with a very down home approach to the program. Enjoy. Note: The first session is 90+% complete but ends a bit abruptly. All the others are intact.

(#598) Les W-1 (Kaufman, TX)
July 2003 in Tyler, TX  EVENT: Lake Street Club House  TYPE: AA, Male, Workshop, Steps

Steps 1-3

NOTE: Ends abruptly just before the end. Missing from the original recording.

Still well worth listening.

(51 min) (47.6 MB) (id#598)