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(#1069) Laura Z (Atlanta, GA)
12/5/2000 in Atlanta, GA  EVENT: Skyland Group  TYPE: AA, Female, Story

Amazing story. (REMASTERED 3/4/2019)

Raised near Springfield, IL, soft spoken, her mother was in an orphanage until teen years and had few role models for good parenting.

At age 18, Laura's arm was severed by a sheet of metal on a dump truck they passed too close to when she was driving drunk with a girl friend. The friend found Laura's arm and carried her and the arm to a house and knocked on the door.

Laura got addicted to morphine for a time after the initial treatment. The doctors recommended psycho therapy but her parents led her to decide not to use it. They knew she tended to do anything to try and please others.

Doctors reattached the arm using parts that left scars all over her young body. She began drinking to cope. She reached a point where she had to stop drinking but her male finance could not stay stopped. They separated.

She delayed doing her 5th step because she feared sharing that she thought she was gay. Her sponsor compelled her to take the fifth step then helped her through dealing with her sexuality.

Laura moved to Atlanta for she could not be easily gay in her home town of Springfield IL.

She became deeply involved in service and is understanding with her parents as they cope with her lifestyle.

(42 min) (7.2 MB) (id#1069)