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(#4246) Laura S - Step 1 (Johnson City, TX)
7/1/2021 in Milford, CT  EVENT: MPG Aoom Group  TYPE: AA, Female, Steps, Story


Sober 35 years since 4/6/1987; Irish Italian-Comanche Indian grew up near Austin, TX.

"Alcohol was not the solution for me. Alcohol was the relief for me. The 12 Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous are the Solution for me."

Her mother joined Al-Anon 7/24/1985 then on 8/6/1985 her dad went to treatment.

They said you cannot live here and drink like you do, and she left. Her job said you cannot come here drunk and so she quit her job.

On 4/4/1987 after a bad night she said,

"God, if this isn't going to get better then let it stop."

She was not planning on not drinking.

"I wanted the consequences of my drinking to stop."

At 118 days sober she finally realized that she did not want to go back to the way she had been living.

She got back to Austin and got busy in AA and got a "him" but did not take the steps. Four years sober she found a group on 6/11/1991, she made a deal with a guy that if she did everything that was suggested in the first 164 pages and still felt this way, then he would finance her drunk. She made him write it down.

Her dad killed himself after 7 years of sobriety because he was so uncomfortable. She tells the story of her best friend in early in sobriety who became a Delegate, helped on the 4th Edition, finished her term but who later died of wet brain as a bag lady that started with a "him" issue that was a big secret.

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