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(#117) Larry D. (Freeport, FL)
11/7-10/1996 in Ft. Walton, FL  EVENT: Gulf Coast Roundup #27  TYPE: AA, Male, Story

Slow talking country boy, came into the rooms in 1962 and got sober 8/18/1972. Came from a drinking family of multiple generations. Dad died, in part, from drinking - mom quit 5 years before this talk. Larry was discharged from the service from the service for drinking. Moved to Chicago and worked in high rise construction. Worked up to supervisor. Blamed drinking on stress. Went to church, got active and quit for a year. Came home one Sunday, got drunk and didn't take a sober breath for the next ten years. Many DWI's. Wife bailed him out so could get back to work to suport the family. She later came into Al-anon. Came in to AA the 2nd time with a "wet brain". Could not understand the book. Could not accept the 3rd step for the first four years and wanted to drink every day. Did not work the steps and was miserable. Admitted he was an alcoholic in 1972 but could not accept it until he finally surrendered in 1976.

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