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(#286) Lamar R (Baltimore, MD)
March 1989 in Hagerstown, MD  EVENT: Spring Roundup  TYPE: AA, Male, Story, Historical

Sober 36 years since 1953, Lamar came into the program in his late 30's. At his first meeting he learned that if you don't drink you won't get drunk but little else. That was not enough to keep him sober. He says there is a vast difference from being at AA and being in AA. He got sober when he quit drinking. He stayed sober when he followed the plan. He describes early AA in Baltimore. Later in the program he was at a meeting in New York where Bill Wilson was speaking. He saw a man in bad shape and came over to 12 step him only to discover it was Ebby Thatcher - the man who brought the message to Bill in November 1934!

(34 min) (7.9 MB) (id#286)