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(#874) Kyle C (Huntsville, AL)
8/15/2009 in Cartersville, GA  EVENT: 32nd Allatoona Roundup  TYPE: Al-Anon, Male, Story

Kyle is a country boy from North Alabama and a walk-on football player with Auburn 1980-83 under Pat Dye with Bo Jackson.

Rasied by model parents in the early years, grandmother was his first qualifier - a fun loving binge drinker - that he loved nine months out of the year. She died in her own vomit with nine bottles of Nyquil next to her bed. Later his parents began to go down a similar path.

He thought he could fix everything. He tried to control the situation and learned behaviors that would bring him into the program of Al-Anon. His older brother was involved in a tragedy involving alcohol. He thought his accolades in sports could help his family and that alcohol was the only problem in his life.

His mother went into rehab while Kyle was in Auburn and his father and brother followed her into recovery. But Kyle did not know he needed help as well. A marriage of 16 years ended in divorce. He went into deep depression over his perceived failure.

His recovered family was happy and he was miserable. "This aint right." He had his moment of clarity. Everyone found recovery except him.

His low point came: successful business man, living alone, dog died, standing at the self-help section at Books-A-Million where he read the word "Al-Anon". A staunch Christian, he had no Peace and Joy.

He came to Al-Anon and was hooked from the first. He still wars with his disease but now he has tools.

"Just keep your feet moving."

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