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(#736) Kip C (Vista, CA)
2/4/2010 in Dunwoody, GA  EVENT: Not A Glum Lot Meeting  TYPE: AA, Male, Story

Unbelievable - but true.

Sober 25 years since 5/12/1984, this is a long talk with many episodes drunk and sober.

Kip's father is Irish and Sioux and loved to drink. His mom is Irish and Choctaw and loves to fight.

Raised in Oklahoma, his disease carried Kip on a journey of pain that is hard to imagine.

Currently a strong member of AA, how he got from there to here is uplifting and full of hope.

If Kip could change his life...anyone can.

NOTE: The TRACKS will span two CDs splitting between tracks 16 and 17.

(1 hr 40 min) (34.3 MB) (id#736)