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(#2188) Kevin W (Athens, GA)
5/5/2018 in Woodstock, GA  EVENT: Breakfast Club Monthly Speaker  TYPE: AA, Male, Story

Sober 2 years since 8/8/2015, Kevin has a powerful story much appreciated by those attending the event.

Born in South Carolina, he was a Long Haul truck driver making a delivery in Brooklyn on 9-11.

He was so affected by what he witnessed; he barely made it back home and never drove Long Haul again.

He did not start drinking until age 29 in 2003 because his grandfather was an alcoholic.

He was introduced to AA in 2009, memorized the Big Book but could not stay sober.

Kevin was in prison, 1 treatment center, 14 mental hospitals and 87 half-way houses until the one he found in Athens, GA.

He would stay until they insisted he get a job and then go to the next one.

He got stranded once in Perry south of Macon, GA chasing a woman but no one would come get him or send money for a bus.

Something happened inside him there.

He walked over 150 miles to Anderson, SC and knocked on the door of a friend in AA

It was a key turning point.

Long term recovery started when he finally did a thorough fifth step.

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