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(#2591) Kerri C (OA) (Smithville, TX)
Sept 2003 in Kanuga Lake near Hendersonville, NC  EVENT: Sernentiy in the Smokies  TYPE: Other, Female, Story

Sober 14 years in AA since 7/19/1989 and abstinent from food in the program of GreySheeters Anonymous (GSA) 12 years since 12/22/1990.

Kerri's drinking career lasted only 7 years and she has only needed to lose 30 pounds, but she had all the obsessions of both illnesses.

She was a binge drinker and eater, hid and stole food and thought about it all the time,

She explains what GSA is and how and when it was separated from Overeaters Anonymous.

GSA still uses the 12 Steps but also retains a specific diet plan that is outlined on a single, two-sided sheet printed on grey paper.

Great talk - very informative.

(54 min) (9.4 MB) (id#2591)