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(#1079) Ken D (Aztec, NM)
7/6/2002 in Torrance, CA  EVENT: Spring Roundup  TYPE: AA, Male, Story

Sober 32 years since 7/5/1970. This talk was recorded when he was living with the Navahoe in AZ.

I met Ken in Cartersville, GA in 2006 while touring the Booth Western Art Museum. Sitting alone after the history slide show, he shared what it was like living and learning from the Navaho.

He gave most everything he owned away to go on that quest.

That weekend he gave me a paper he had gotten at a Buddhist Retraet called:

The Ultimate Video Game - View it Here

Crazy like a fox.

(1 hr 5 min) (14.9 MB) (id#1079)