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(#1248) Ken D (La Mesa, CA)
7/19/2008 in Atlanta, GA  EVENT: 33rd Atlanta Roundup  TYPE: AA, Male, Story

Ken starts by saying, "You look like a holding tank kind of crowd. It's nice to stand behind one of these things and not have to enter a plea."

He grew up in Brooklyn, NY. Ken is a real alcoholic - he drank things that not only hit the spot, they removed it.

When arrested he was always told, "You have the right to remain silent.", but Ken says,"I never had the ability."

He loves to help people laugh but he also has a deep passion and commitment to the AA Program.

One of my favorites. I met him several times, once when I was lost at the 2010 International in San Antonio, and he was always up beat.

Enjoy, you deserve a good smile.

Ken did an excellent Spirituality Workshop earlier in the day at this same event:

Ken D - Spirituality Workshop - Atlanta 2008

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