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(#582) Ken McD (Seneca, SC)
1/13/2001 in Myrtle Beach, SC  EVENT: 22nd Gratitude Retreat  TYPE: AA, Male, Story

Ken is 56 years old and got sober Jan 1992 in Aiken SC. He grew up in a normal non-drinking religious immediate family though two grand parents died of the disease. Born in Canada his family moved to Petal Mississippi. In High School he discovered drinking and had fun partying and going to New Orleans. Yet he also, had a feeling of not belonging.

They moved to South Carolina after high school. They wanted home to be a Pentecostal minister so he did. He was not drinking. He worked at a Holiday Inn in Ottawa at night downtown while also pastoring. He started drinking vodka with a bartender while sharing the gospel with him. His life started going down hill, took $3000 of the church's money and left the church and Canada. Later he decided to stop drinking and get back in the ministry. He had a daily radio and TV show and would sneak drinks when he could. You will need to listen to see how he got out of this mess...

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