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(#1829) Kellie L (Chicago, IL)
10/24-27/2002 in Athens, GA  EVENT: 49th Georgia State Convention  TYPE: AA, Female, Story

Sober 6 years since 1/6/1996, Kellie is sponsored and recommended to speak at this event by Polly P, a frequent speaker on WeJoy and a lovely member of AA whom I have met and recorded on several occasions.

This was Kellie's first talk at a major event - and she nailed it!

She grew up with her single, drug addicted mother in, what Kellie refers to as, a white trash, three block square trailer park surrounded by the projects.

An often funny, delightful, at times tragic story, Kellie was the leader of the neighborhood pack.

She was the only white person in her school through 4th grade and felt she had to fit in. She had convinced many she was a quarter black.

Then she went to a mostly Jewish magnet school and convinced them she was also part Jewish.

Hope you enjoy one of my favorite young speakers.

(54 min) (12.5 MB) (id#1829)